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Ron Zint

About Oak & Elm

HI! I'm Ron

I have worn many hats throughout my life: landscape designer, salesman, optician, youth leader and more. But the thing I've always enjoyed doing on the side is woodworking. Whether it was building a rocking horse for my firstborn, refinishing an antique desk for my daughter, or building custom tables for various friends and family, I've appreciated the process of learning and growing in my trade. I enjoy developing the vision for a new project, mulling over the details and design, and then seeing it come to life as I shape and craft it with my hands. 


My wife calls herself a "workshop widow" because I spend so much of my time in there. She's recently started to join me in there with her own small projects so we can be together more. What a rockstar!

As I head towards retirement, my friends and family have encouraged me to pursue my trade more seriously. I invite you to follow along on my journey and let me know if I can craft something for you & your family!

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Skills & Services

I work hard to create something personal for each client. I truly believe that everything I make should represent the people that it will remain with for years to come. Whatever it is you're looking for, I will talk through it with you, create the design and vision together, and then customize the final product to your liking.


Custom Wood Furniture

Whether its a dining table, coffee table, floating shelves, or something completely different, I can dream up a design with you and craft it to your liking.

Refinishing & Restoring

Like many of us, furniture gets worn down and worn out - but there is usually so much life left in them. I enjoy restoring those vintage wood pieces back to their former glory!



Whether it's a dresser turned vanity, old door turned barn door, or something completely unique and one-of-a-kind, I love giving new life and meaning to pieces for my clients.

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